Asia's IP transit on the move

Bob Fletcher/Renesys
28 Oct 2011

Undersea cables are expensive to install. But if you're an Asian internet hub trying to connect to other Asian Internet hubs across un-cabled waters, what else can you do?

Well, one alternative we see is Internet Providers heading to California, as many Asian providers opt for internet paths out of Asia to the west coast of the US, and then back to Asia. These tortuous routes, aptly called hair-pinning (observe their supple shapes), may be cost-effective initially, but generate latency, which can be a problem for some businesses (and their end users).

For more than a year, Renesys has been collecting daily latency data from 30+ locations to every prefix on the Internet. As you can imagine, we've learned a lot.

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Bob Fletcher is VP of worldwide sales at Renesys

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