Augmented reality check for mobile marketing

John C. Tanner
18 Jun 2010
Daily News

Augmented reality technology will take mobile marketing apps to whole new levels, says mobile marketing specialists i-POP.

Mobile devices and even flat-screen monitors can use augmented reality – 3G graphics superimposed over a live video image – to create more engaging point-of-sale campaigns for brands, said i-POP EVP and co-founder Colin Miles.

“This technology could unleash a host of new apps that go beyond barcodes to create a more interactive experience on any mobile device,” Miles told CommunicAsia Show Daily.

For example, the company’s logo recognition app was at the center of a recent “virtual changing room” campaign for Adidas stores in several Southeast Asian markets, in which shoppers could wave a card with an Adidas logo in front of a “digital mirror” (i.e. a wall-mounted screen with a webcam) and have virtual t-shirts imposed on their image.

“About 25% of the people who came in played around with it, took a photo with their virtual shirt and gave us their email address,” said Ian Morrison, i-POP’s product director for strategy, innovation and marketing. “So it generated a lot of good exposure for the client.”

The next step is to take the app to mobile devices. Aim your cameraphone at a logo, and the app calls up text info and even a video mapped over the image of the real logo (see pic, above).

Both apps are being demonstrated at the i-POP stand (3L1-15) in the Mobile Entertainment Forum pavilion.

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