Automatic fault management for trans-generation mobile networks

TM Forum
01 Sep 2008

This case study focuses on automatic fault management of trans-generation mobile networks for Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), providing mobile telecommunication services for over 8 million subscribers.

CHT has developed and deployed a full OSS solution for managing and controlling GSM & 3G communication networks in the multi vendor environment. Following many years developing and maintaining the legacy OSS system, the main task is to remodel the MNOC (Mobile Network Operation Center) and MTRIS (Mobile communication Trouble Report Information System) by adopting the NGOSS methodology.

The challenge was to reduce the time to market and to improve the quality of service by re-architecting the OSS stack, which will be supporting the next generation mobile network in the near future. This case study examines the benefits gained by implementing an EAI bus based on the TNA architecture and leveraging new IT technology.

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