Beyond LTE: Enabling the mobile broadband explosion

4G Americas
07 Oct 2014

The mobile broadband market continues to explode thanks to pervasive adoption, ever more powerful networks, spectacular new handheld devices, and more than two million mobile applications. Not only is mobile broadband the leading edge in innovation and development for computing, networking, Internet technology, and software, it is also transforming society.

This white paper covers the nature of the mobile data explosion, spectrum developments, wireless technology evolution, and other wireless technologies and compares wireless technologies, considering attributes such as data throughput, latency, and spectral efficiency.

The following are some of the important observations and conclusions of this paper:

  • Mobile broadband—encompassing networks, devices, and applications—is becoming one of the most successful and fastest-growing industries of all time.
  • Computing itself is transitioning from a PC era to a mobile era. Many users will never interact with a PC.
  • Consumer and business applications have until now driven data demand, but machine-to-machine communication, also called Internet of Things, will generate progressively higher volumes of traffic in the future.

This white paper originally published on 4G Americas website

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