Big data focus on behavioral profiling in 2015

Staff writer
18 Dec 2014
Daily News

Behavioral profiling and modeling will be the most common objective of big data and analytics in the coming year, according to IDC.

This will result in the creation, capture, and processing of unprecedented scales of data. Leading categories of data will be from direct actions including purchases, payments, text messages, travel, and web searches.

These actions take on a much larger context when paired with location, time, and the relationship to other events. This is the big data that must be processed for profiling and modeling.

IDC believes Asian organizations will face a unique challenge in this space, in that they will absorb significant costs in the collection of this data, at the same time that they increase their exposure from amassing highly personal information about individuals. This will drive policy decisions around deployment models, use of customer data, risk, and compliance.

IDC expects three drivers to push the market forward in 2015 — mass acquisition of customer data through mobile apps and shared data platforms, regional availability of cloud infrastructure, and changes to privacy legislation and enforcement.

Also, the research firm made some predictions that will impact organizations implementing their first big data projects in 2015, which include the following.

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