Biznet launches advanced fiber network

04 Sep 2018
Daily News

Indonesia's Biznet Networks has launched a new advanced fiber network service to accommodate customers' future bandwidth demands.

The New Biznet Fiber Network consists of a terabit core router network, metro Ethernet 10G/100G distribution networks and a gigabit PON access technology that can deliver services with capacity up to 2.5Gbps.

The network has up to 100Gbps of capacity, and the metro Ethernet 10G/100G is using a ring configuration to provide auto protection when the fiber backbone is cut off. The ONT device supports the latest Wi-Fi technology to provide faster data transfer performance.

In addition, the network support direct connection to the Biznet Data Center, as well as additional international link capacity of up to 400Gbps with Tier-1 global providers.

The ISP is offering both home and enterprise services, with the home packages starting at 300,000 rupiah ($20.23) per month for a 50Mbps connection.

Biznet has also announced that it has expanded its coverage area in Indonesia. The company's services are now available in more than 100 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra and the Batam islands.

“In technology, changes are unavoidable. Technology continues to change and grow along with the increasing demand for faster and high quality Internet connection,” Biznet president director Adi Kusma said.

“As an internet service provider, Biznet continues to keep up with the ever-growing changes and we continue to make new technology innovations to be able to provide the best internet service supported by the latest infrastructure and reliable networks for the people of Indonesia. The New Biznet Fiber Network is launched as a solution for the increasing demand for bigger capacity in the future.”

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