Boosting broadband penetration and opening a new era for wireless broadband connections

Huawei Technologies
26 Aug 2016

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Huawei showcased a virtual reality (VR) experience based on its Wireless-to-the-x (WTTx) solution at the ICT for Sporting Events Industry Summit in Indonesia on August 25.

Huawei simulated a real home broadband scenario onsite where attendees were given the chance to experience watching a sports match in VR. As a significant part of Indonesia's national broadband strategy, WTTx provides fiber-class high-speed wireless broadband access services, enabling more families and people to enjoy the experience of being connected to the internet.

Indonesia is typical of a country comprised of an island archipelago, with a high population density and densely distributed buildings. Therefore, fixed broadband (FBB) deployment is difficult, with a home broadband penetration rate of less than 7% in Indonesia. With mobile user traffic requirements growing, meeting the broadband requirements of home users has become an important component to improving the mobile broadband experience in the country.

Featuring easy deployment, high bandwidth, and sustainable evolution, WTTx is an effective means to quickly enable last mile home broadband access. WTTx can fully utilize the existing network and site resources, reducing deployment costs by up to 75%. Operators do not need to provide on-site installation services. Instead, home users can get wireless home gateways (CPEs) by themselves from a business hall, and can enjoy high-speed broadband access services after powering on their CPEs.

Based on LTE technologies, WTTx provides a transmission rate comparable to that provided by optical fiber. This enables home users in Indonesia to experience more diversified broadband services including those for voice, video, and TV. WTTx can also smoothly evolve to 4.5G and 5G, further improving the network capacity and user-perceivable rate and enabling home users to experience more services, such as 4K TV on demand, VR movies, games, and smart home applications.

According to ITU statistics, 148 countries located around the globe have successfully created national broadband strategies to increase home broadband penetration rates and improve the network connection user experience. More and more operators regard WTTx as an integral part of national broadband projects as it is an effective means of implementing last mile broadband access. WTTx enables broadband services to be made quickly available in densely populated urban areas where FBB is difficult to deploy, and where it can be quickly extended to rural and remote areas.

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