Brand challengers: Next-gen billing for today's mobile providers

17 Apr 2012

As the business model for MVNOs is re-emerging with greater success, many mobile network operators are launching MVNO sub-brands as a strategy to attract new market segments and push out the competition. However, an issue these MNOs find is that utilizing their existing billing system for this new business has tremendous complexities that impede their ability to capture immediate market opportunities.

Different organizations within the MNO often are cautious about disturbing the current platform; building, testing and implementing across multiple systems that are laden with years-worth of customizations is time consuming; and many legacy systems just don’t have the agility and flexibility to enable a variety of price plans, real-time promotions, self-care and loyalty programs that are critical to the MVNO success.

The best platform for MNOs launching MVNO sub-brands is an out-of-the-box solution that has low customization, enables fast time to market, and provides the ability to implement the differentiated billing offerings that are necessary to capture market share and increase profitability.

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