Brands lack adequate mobile marketing strategies

CMO Innovation editors
CMO Innovation

A new global study has found that a majority of brands are unprepared when it comes to implementing a mobile strategy within their organizations.

The study conducted by Sitecore in conjunction with Vanson Bourne surveyed 450 brand marketers in 11 countries in January and February this year about their attitudes and strategy when it comes to the consumer mobile experience.

It found that organizations are not allocating sufficient resources to maintain, adapt, and improve the mobile experience in a fashion that aligns with the dynamic consumer expectations of today.

While there was almost universal agreement (97%) that a good mobile experience impacts customer loyalty, four out of 10 (41%) of respondents said they have either no mobile strategy in place at all, or have some form of mobile strategy that has yet to be implemented.

Indeed, only 51% of brands report that their company personalizes content for mobile web customers while just 61% have a mobile optimized website in place.

In addition, just 23% of brands are able to measure their mobile experience performance based on KPIs. And when asked to evaluate themselves, only 48% of brands were able to say that their organizations are currently delivering a seamless mobile experience to their customers.

"As mobile devices have overtaken PCs for internet access, brands must include the mobile environment when defining the customer experiences they deliver," said Scott Anderson, the CMO of Sitecore.

"Consumers now expect a contextual experience inclusive of mobile and will reward brands with loyalty for doing so while punishing those that don't with decreased business. All consumers today should be considered the mobile consumer,” said Anderson.

Ultimately, brands must do more than pay lip service to the importance of their mobile experience performance by speeding up their mobile deployments and allocating sufficient resources on this front. They should also plan to deliver personalized content that matches the interests of individuals.


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