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19 Jun 2013

VADS CEO Ahmad Azhar Yahya outlines the company’s growth strategy and how it is leveraging TM’s network connectivity in and outside of Malaysia

Show Daily: What markets is VADS targeting?

Ahmad Azhar Yahya: VADS Berhad is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia. Our main activities are value-added services, IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO). Our target market varies according to our service offerings. For VAS such as managed security and managed network services, the services are targeted toward the enterprise and government segments as they can be bundled with their connectivity services. These markets are also the target groups for our BPO business due to the level of customization required for such services.

For the SME/SMB market, we offer bundling of cloud-applications and software with connectivity (e.g Office 365).

What are your plans for expanding outside of Malaysia?

We have already expanded our presence to serve the increasingly dynamic needs of our MNC customers that have operations beyond Malaysian shores. Physically, VADS has set its footing in Indonesia since 2008, where we have two contact center delivery sites in Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

In 2012 we opened our data center in Hong Kong, and we are currently looking at investing in mega data centers in Malaysia, which would cater to the needs of the local and regional market.

Our parent company TM has an extensive reach across the globe, and we have the opportunity to leverage that reach to expand our business. VADS also has regional reach via our partnership with technology providers and global ICT companies.

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