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Huawei Technologies
02 Nov 2016

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Wuzhen, China, November 2, 2016 - In Operations Transformation Forum 2016, Zhang Ping'an (pictured), Member of the Board, President of Huawei Carrier Software Business Unit, delivered a speech advocating carriers to construct a digital foundation and adopt a big bang transformation approach. This will ensure an accelerated and future-proofed digital transformation to maximize growth and pro/tability.

Diverse digital services pose complex requirements for next-generation operation enabling systems. Traditional BSS and OSS must evolve into new digital enabling systems, providing more agile networks and IT systems, enabling digital asset monetization, and achieving business digitalization.

“The new digital enabling system features speed, scale, simple, and smart, and future-oriented as ROADS Native, Open Native, Agile Native, Analytics Native, and Cloud Native. It will assist carriers in analytical excellence, provide 8exible architecture, aggregate ecosystems, and promote agile innovation,” Zhang said.

“The service foundation is essential to the implementation speed of digitalization.” Zhang emphasized, “Some carriers chose to conduct gradual transformation through changing or developing limited number of operations system components as they were fearful of radical transformation.

However, it prolonged the overall transformation time, prevented carriers from meeting user experience requirements and seizing market opportunities. Huawei suggests big bang transformation through establishing future-oriented operations enabling system as foundation. With the new system, carriers can replace the old and complicated systems, reshaping simple and automated business processes, and achieve agile operations and ROADS user experience.

Apart from new digital enabling systems, carriers need scienti/c tools and methodologies to assess the digital transformation progress. Huawei cooperated with industry partners and developed the Digital Maturity Model & Metrics to measure the readiness, progress, and achievements of carriers' digital transformation strategies.

“Huawei expects this model to continuously evolve and remain open and robust through cooperation with carriers, industry standard organizations, third-party consulting companies, industry analysts, and manufacturers. This model will guide the digital transformation of the telecommunications industry,” Zhang said.

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