The business case for software-defined networking

09 Dec 2013

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new technology that provides the potential to change the game, since it enables direct programmatic control of the network, coupled with end-user-driven applications and needs, enabling operators to efficiently use their network and operational resources to increase revenue from highly customized and “sticky” services.

Infonetics has just released a report—SDNs, 40G/100G, and MPLS Control Plane Strategies: Global reason to move to SDN, given by 52% of respondents, was to simplify the way they provision and create network services and virtual networks—and to do so in ways that are not always possible with existing technologies.

In order for service providers to change their current model, they will need a sound business model that highlights a savings in total cost of ownership and promotes key innovative service opportunities.

This white paper will highlight the cost savings that can be obtained utilizing SDN over the Present Mode of Operation (PMO).

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