Carrier Ethernet and NFV

01 Aug 2016
White Papers

The market for Carrier Ethernet services is projected to exceed $60 billion in 2018. CE 2.0 infrastructure and services will continue to be the foundation of business, residential, mobile services as they evolve to cloud based delivery models.

End users are embracing the cloud experience and requesting on demand and flexible services from their service providers. This is driving agile service deployment and rapid service innovation within service provider networks.

NFV technologies have attracted much recent attention. NFV transforms specific network functions that run on purpose-built platforms into software functions implemented on general-purpose computing platforms.

This white paper reviews the benefits of and considerations for combining CE 2.0 and NFV.

Adding the virtualization layer to current MEF CE 2.0 services and infrastructure helps evolve and enhance CSP service offerings through new service deployment models.

This paper was first published on the MEF website

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