CE 2.0 Ethernet access services

Metro Ethernet Forum
12 Nov 2013

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 provides a new global standard making it simpler and faster for service providers to interconnect and meet the growing demand for Carrier Ethernet services at locations that are not on a service provider’s own network. Such locations are commonly referred to as ‘out-of-franchise’ or ‘off-net’ locations.

CE 2.0 E-Access services allow service providers to carry customer traffic across network boundaries through connections designed to preserve the characteristics of end-to-end services delivered on a single network. This transparency and the need to provide a single industry-sanctioned method for service providers to establish external network interfaces (ENNI) and implement services across them led the MEF to define two CE 2.0 E-Access services: Access EPL, a port-based service used to extend EPL and EP-LAN services, and Access EVPL, a VLAN-based service used to extend EVPL and EVP-LAN services.

This white paper provides a technical overview of the CE 2.0 E-Access services standard, provides implementation guidelines, sample use cases and a discussion of the benefits service providers can expect when adopting the new CE 2.0 E-Access service standard.

This white paper was originally published on the Metro Ethernet Forum website

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