Changing the tradition of service provisioning

Wang Shizhang
04 Dec 2014

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Along with the popularization of optical broadband access network, optical cable has been connected to tens of thousands of families. So far, over 2 billion kilometers optical cable has been deployed globally, which can circle 50,000 laps around the earth.

In 2013, the global optical broadband service revenue is up to $46 billion. With a quick development of FTTx market, this number will continue to increase in the following years.

However, massive optical fiber resources can hardly be efficiently managed due to its passive characteristics. Fiber resource management is still a manual work, which could lead to a great waste of resource, low service efficiency, long service provisioning time and low user satisfaction.

According to data from China, a telecom operator loses $1 billion in investment yearly in optical cable pipeline. To address this, FiberHome developed and released its smart ODN solution, which uses entire network information management mode that realizes automatic input and routing inspection of the fiber resource.

The smart fiber connector allows the perceivable and visual management of optical fiber ports. Smart ODN devices can monitor the fiber connector’s location and port status. Both accuracy of resource information and efficiency of OAM could be highly improved.

Future competition in communication and operation will be mainly about resource utiliza-tion and service quality and FiberHome smart ODN helps in this as it changes the tradi-tional way of service provisioning.

First, the project supervisor immediately starts the resource collection process as soon as the entire device is installed during initial deployment. This operation could upload data to the NMS and compares it with the design data. If any problem is spotted, it could be tackled instantly.

Second, after the user applies for a service, the NMS will calculate optical route automati-cally, generates electronic work-order and sends it to engineer’s smart management ter-minal. The work order clearly shows device location and work procedures.

The engineer could use GPS to find the target device easily. After arriving in site, the en-gineer connects the smart terminal and SAT to smart ODN device, the target port will be activated once it receives the work-order from NMS, LED indicator lights will be turned on and lead the engineer to work.

The database updates simultaneously as the work completes. If there is any mistake, an error message will be sent by NMS. Such visualized engineering instruction and close-cycle inspection enable the engineer to finish all the work in one time. The indoor smart ODN devices can be managed by both smart terminal and NMS.

Last, for the fall-off fault of optical ports, NMS responds immediately and refers to mainte-nance system, so the engineer could be dispatched quickly. With the help of smart man-agement terminal, the target device and its fault can be spotted rapidly. The network ser-vice could be recovered before the end user complains.

FiberHome smart ODN system meets the requirement of replacing traditional ODN devic-es with unique no-backplane design. By assembling smart management modules to the original device, it realizes smart upgrading. Such operation is easier and the cost of net-work transformation is much lower than many other competitors.

FiberHome has deployed many pilot Smart ODN projects in different places, such as Hu-bei, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Henan, Xinjiang, Sichuan and other provinces in China. Large-scale commercial projects have been implemented in Jiangxi and Shanxi.

Overseas, FiberHome smart ODN system finished demonstration and passed the test of SingTel in the third quarter of 2014.

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