Chayora's Tianjin facility is ready for service

Rob Powell / Telecom Ramblings
11 Jan 2019

Chayora's effort to bring modern hyperscale data center design to China has passed a big milestone. The Hong Kong-based infrastructure company has completed the buildout of primary infrastructure, support buildings, and the first data hall of the first phase of its TJ1 facility in northern Tianjin.

Chayora's new data center campus is aimed at global hyperscale customers seeking access to the Beijing/Tianjin markets, a mere 40 million in population give or take and 150 million including surrounding areas. Beijing is higher profile, but given its position at the head of Chinese politics it is much easier to get things done bureaucratically just across the municipal border in Tianjin. And Tianjin has big plans of its own, revealing plans to invest an eye-popping $16 billion in AI development projects just last May.

Chayora is taking a wholesale approach, looking to build out big data halls for big customers. When complete the campus will house some nine facilities backed by 300MW of power. The piece now ready for bespoke customer equipment installations spans some 150,000 square feet of space and six data halls.

There's a reason you don't see many international data center operators taking on mainland China directly, working through partners if at all despite the massive market potential. But Chayora thinks they have cracked the nut, and they have plans to do the same for Shanghai next and maybe Guangdong after that. But for now they've got plenty of work left to do in Tianjin as they make their case to the big cloud players.

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