China All Access teams with satellite maker OHB

Enterprise Innovation editors
24 Mar 2016
Daily News

China All Access Holdings has entered into a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with German satellite system manufacturer OHB.

Both parties intend to jointly develop next-generation satellite communications applications.

China All Access and OHB will focus on achieving more comprehensive coverage through the integration of aerial and terrestrial mobile networks; and offering more effective communication solutions for enterprise customers in the vertical markets.

They will also be working on providing higher security technology in the transmission process; and developing enhanced applications which are compatible with different communications networks.

OHB specializes in the design and manufacturing of satellites systems in the international market and develops telematic services using satellite and terrestrial communication networks.

The collaboration marks an important step in China All Access's strategy of entering into the global advanced communications application technology market.

"The board believes that it bears important strategic significance to the company's future development as the move will allow China All Access to head for professionalism and internationalization,” said Shao Kwok Keung, CEO of China All Access.

“Through our cooperation with a strong international partner, we will stay abreast of market needs and further enhance our R&D and innovation capabilities in the provision of more advanced, secure, comprehensive and reliable communications products and application solutions, thereby generating greater benefits and returns to the company.”

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