China Mobile, HKT tap Huawei to enhance QoE for IPTV

Staff writer
24 Nov 2016
Daily News

Huawei has expanded its Smartcare customer experience management platform to support fixed as well as mobile networks.

Working with Hong Kong's HKT and Henan Mobile, the provincial operating unit of China Mobile, Huawei has invested in extending the Smartcare CEM portfolio for fixed networks, to allow operators to ensure the quality of services such as IPTV and high-speed internet services delivered to customers.

Henan Mobile has reported that adopting the platform has led to a 60% reduction in the mean time to repair for broadband customers, as well as a 20% reduction in customer complaints.

The operator's VP of operations Yan Xiaohong said these factors combined have resulted in a nearly one-third (32%) increase in overall customer satisfaction.

HKT is meanwhile using Smartcare CEM to meet the service quality levels demanded by two target customer segments, including IPTV 4K streaming users who require a constant 20Mbps or faster connection during specific times windows.

The second target group covers open-all-hours retailers that require a constant connection for their point of sales equipment.

SmartCare CEM can provide real-time, per-service and per-user analytics. The platform has already been deployed by nearly 50 operators worldwide, with these deployments supporting a variety of departments ranging from network planning and service operations centers to marketing.

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