China Mobile to launch HSPA for Olympics

07 Jun 2007

China Mobile will launch HSPA service next year as part of its strategy to provide high-speed wireless connectivity during the 2008 Olympics.

Zhou Yi, general manager of China Mobile's Office of Olympics Affairs, said at the BBWF Asia that the mobile giant, one of key sponsors for the Olympics, will set up 3G networks in eight cities and introduce HSPA next year.

The company will introduce a range of mobile application including live broadcast of the games, mobile multimedia blogging targeting journalists, and mobile video conferencing, mobile video monitoring services to address different needs from the organizers, visitors and audience.

The company will also deploy WLAN and WiMAX during the Olympics.

"The mobile handset may have a smaller impact on the Olympics than traditional broadcasting TV, given its short history," he says. "But mobile broadband will be playing a significant role during the Olympics."

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