China Mobile Pakistan deploys Huawei SingleRAN Pro

10 Jul 2018
Daily News

China Mobile Pakistan has deployed Huawei's SingleRAN Pro solutions on its network to allow the operator to better serve its customer base.

The operator has deployed three solutions based on the SingleRAN Pro platform to improve spectrum efficiency, maximize spectrum utilization, quickly expand network capacity, and relieve traffic suppression.

The deployment, the first of its kind in Pakistan, is in line with China Mobile Pakistan's network strategy of providing premium capacity, coverage and user experience.

China Mobile Pakistan has the largest LTE market share in Pakistan, but had been struggling to keep up with demand for data due to insufficient local spectrum resources and inadequate site infrastructure.

Huawei said the deployment will allow China Mobile Pakistan to resolve the problem of insufficient airwaves by allowing GSM and LTE to dynamically share 1.8-GHz spectrum.

The solutions will also allow the operator to increase LTE cell throughput by 20% and single-site throughput by 90%, reduce energy consumption by 8% and generate an according decrease in operational expenses. It will also provide a clear upgrade path to 5G.

Huawei said the company and China Mobile Pakistan plan to continue working together to develop improvements in the user experience, as well as spectrum and operational efficiency.

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