China RF coaxial cable market outpaces global growth

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06 Apr 2016
Daily News

The global RF coaxial cable market size continues to expand from about $4.71 billion in 2014, up 9.8% from the previous year, and is expected to reach $5.14 billion in 2015.

RF coaxial cable, which transmit electrical signal or energy within radio frequency range, is mainly used in communications equipment, communications terminals, aerospace, and military electronics.

Buoyed by the upgrading of mobile communications industry, the Chinese RF coaxial cable market is expected to hit 52.18 billion renminbi in 2015, a year-on-year growth of 17% and higher than the global growth pace during the same period.

According to the plan of MIIT, by 2018 all cities and rural areas will be covered by 4G network and more than 80% of administrative village will gain access to optical fiber.

By then China's 4G users will total 460 million and the country's RF coaxial cable market is expected to hit 85.4 billion renminbi.

CATV cable and semi-flexible cable are main RF coaxial cable products in China, accounting for 74% and 11% of the country's total RF coaxial cable output in 2014, respectively.

However, challenged by China Telecom's IPTV and OTT, cable TV will be gradually replaced by digital TV, network TV, and mobile TV, and CATV cable market size will shrink year after year.

Thanks to a rise in total quantity of antennas in 4G market, semi-flexible cable market size will grow rapidly and be expected to become one of mainstay RF coaxial cable products.

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