Chorus deploys VDSL2 vectoring in NZ

11 Oct 2018
Daily News

New Zealand's Chorus has deployed VDSL2 vectoring technology to help improve the broadband experience for its users.

The operator contracted Nokia for the deployment, which it is using to deliver broadband speeds of up to 130Mbps for its existing copper last mile residential and business customers.

Chorus head of network technology Martin Sharrock said vectoring has improved the operator's average VDSL downstream speeds by over 40% and upstream speeds by over 30%.

“This is especially important for rural New Zealand where fiber to the home has not yet been planned [through the state-led Ultrafast Broadband project],” he said.

“VDSL vectoring ensures the best possible speed on existing copper lines and Chorus' congestion-free network policy maintains that speed and performance even during the busiest times of the day."

According to Nokia president of fixed networks Federico Guillén, Nokia has now deployed over 43 million VDSL2 vectored lines worldwide.

“Nokia's copper solution with vectoring technology compliments Chorus' fiber roll-out and provides another way to deliver significantly higher speeds that enhance the way customers experience digital content,” he said.

“As the industry leader in copper networks, we're excited to help Chorus modernize its existing infrastructure and provide the foundation needed to ensure New Zealand remains one of the most advanced broadband nations in the world."

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