Ciena brings L-Band into play for subsea networks

25 Jan 2018
Daily News

Ciena has unveiled the latest upgrade to its subsea networking solutions. The vendor has been working with TE SubCom to bring extra capacity to the table via the L-Band.

Taking full advantage of the L-Band (1656-1625nm) alongside the C-Band (1530-1565nm) can effectively double the capacity of existing cables.

TE SubCom's wet plant and Ciena's GeoMesh worked together to demonstrate 70.4Tbps over 7600km last year, and they'll be taking that commercial with this announcement.

There has been lots of action in the subsea cable world this month, with new cable builds being proposed around the world to keep up with expectations of demand from the next generation of technology. But upgrading the electronics on existing cables will play a big role as well.

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