Cisco puts RFID into network monitoring appliance

05 Jun 2008

Cisco is integrating RFID solutions into its network products.

The network equipment maker is integrating Aeroscout's Location Engine software for "context-aware" mobility into its Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE)

The solution, according to Aeroscout, enables Cisco end-users to receive a single, converged platform that combines multiple forms of contextual information about mobile assets, enabling enterprises to move beyond basic location tracking.

The Cisco MSE is an appliance-based, open Application Programming Interface (API) platform that centralizes and scales a broad set of mobility services and provides software to enable these services.

Among these services is Context-Aware Software that allows enterprises to capture detailed information about assets including location, temperature and availability over the Cisco Unified Wireless Network.

This contextual information can then be integrated into third-party enterprise business applications via the open API on Cisco's MSE to provide deeper intelligence and end-user tools for asset tracking.

Using active RFID tags, Cisco's MSE to provide accurate visibility for up to 18,000 tagged assets from a single appliance, according to Aeroscout.

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