Cloud computing in Australia

07 Apr 2014

The cloud computing market is evolving and becoming an increasingly important part of the Australian digital economy—changing the way consumers and SMEs use and access products and services over the internet. This evolution is enabled by increasing network capacity and the growth in the take-up of internet access devices with increased functionality.

While various forms of cloud computing have been available in the Australian market for around 20 years, adoption has been accelerating. Conditions are now conducive to a much wider take-up of cloud computing by consumers and businesses as a broader variety of activities are undertaken online.

This report provides a snapshot of the cloud computing market in Australia for the year ending June 2013. It provides an overview from three key perspectives:
• The supply of these services, their delivery models and services available to consumers in 2013.
• The take-up, use and awareness of these services in 2013 and related drivers and barriers to take-up of cloud computing services.
• Market developments that are likely to facilitate greater use of cloud computing services in Australia.

Australian Communications and Media Authority
(ACMA) has granted permission to repost this report.

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