Cloud no silver bullet for businesses

Steve Hodgkinson/Ovum
16 Aug 2012

Many executives regard technology evangelists as “drive-by shooters” – people who cruise by their offices firing so-called “silver bullet” solutions. Are cloud evangelists in this category? Perhaps.

If they are selling cloud computing as a technology innovation, then the “drive-by shooter” label can fit quite well. Most ICT executives know how to manage technology evangelists: they do not let them into the office.

Cloud services evangelists, however, are a much bigger problem because they proffer pervasive organizational disruptors – pre-assembled bundles of people, processes and technology – not technology point solutions.

The challenge for the ICT department is fending off the army of cloud services evangelists that is out there selling piecemeal organizational disruption to executives throughout the enterprise. The ICT department must get ready. It is in danger of losing its monopoly over the provision of ICT services, and a big test of enterprise ICT leadership is looming.

Technology evangelist “drive-by shooters” create panic and confusion

The ICT industry is relentless in the pace of its innovation. Enterprises have barely managed to implement one generation of technology or methodology before they are challenged by something better, faster, and cheaper, or, at least, new. It is easy for executives to feel constantly on the back foot, trying to implement yesterday’s innovations while defending against the distractions of today’s and keeping an eye on the possibilities of tomorrow.

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