Cloud vision pays off across the board

Staff writer
21 Jul 2015

And you’ll be seeing more of that in the next 12 months, says Kudo: “NTT Com will continue moving forward with initiatives based on Global Cloud Vision 2015. We will also accelerate virtualization such as NFV and SDN, and we will expand and improve API functions to promote automation.”

That includes a “Next-Generation Cloud Platform”, scheduled to begin operation in December.

NTT Com also plans to construct more large-scale data centers (mainly overseas), enhance its IoT strategy using technologies such as Arcstar Universal One Virtual, move further ahead with global seamless management, and provide a platform to leverage analytics for its customers.

Judges’ comment

Best Cloud-Based Service - “This firm was the first to commercialize SDN/NFV-enabled cloud services on a global scale, allowing enterprises to activate their own services and pay on a per-use basis, years ahead of other players in the field.”

Best International Wholesale Carrier - “In what was a very close race, this carrier edged out the competition with its massive bandwidth offering and its service innovations, including 40/100G connectivity and a new DDoS Protection Service. The company also won points for expanding its business in emerging markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei. “

Best Data Center Services Provider - “With a strong presence in Asia-Pacific, as well as service innovation and strong customer service, this firm continues to offer serious competition to other third-party regional and global data center service providers.”


Telecom Asia Awards 2015 Winners:


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