Comba completes Shenyang stadium rollout

02 Apr 2008

Hong Kong's Comba Telecom Systems has completed a project that will provide wireless coverage during football matches in this year's Summer Olympics.

Wireless coverage will cover the Shenyang Olympic Center, also known as the Wulihe Stadium, which will be hosting football matches during the Olympics this August.

The Shenyang stadium occupies more than a million square meters with a total and a seating capacity of 60,000.

Comba said the multi-frequency system uses TD-SCDMA, GSM900/1800, WiFi and WAPI (WLAN authentication and privacy infrastructure) networks.

The coverage area was divided into ten sectors, each serviced through the deployment of customized narrow beam antennas and coverage and capacity enhancement equipment.

Comba said it has conducted comprehensive network testing, optimization and a maintenance team on standby during pre-Game test matches.

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