Comptel unveils intelligent UIs for digital services LCM

Staff writer
24 Nov 2016

Comptel has added a set of operational user interfaces (UIs) to its FlowOne V solution, tailored for specific user groups within service providers.

The UIs are designed to increase productivity, empower the critical service orchestration processes behind frictionless delivery of end-to-end virtualized services, and accelerate time-to-market.

FlowOne V incorporates virtualized network function (VNF) onboarding and service chaining, digital service design and orchestration, and dynamic, closed-loop service assurance.

By providing a holistic, end-to-end view and orchestration of digital services, it allows operators to transform their current service delivery processes by connecting the cloud and physical resources (compute, storage, network) with business management processes and systems (customer care, billing, customer order management).

With the addition of four new intuitive UIs called “Hubs,” FlowOne V translates the service orchestration process into routine tasks, specific to individual user groups.

The UIs strengthen the solution with inbuilt intelligence, including the normalization of service terminology between multiple platforms to make them easily manageable and reusable components, and the validation of service specifications to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

“Intuitive operational UIs are a key factor for increasing the speed at which services can be developed, verified, deployed and improved – consequently reducing time-to-profit and increasing customer satisfaction,” said Antti Koskela, EVP of Comptel.

“By adding this new functionality to FlowOne V, we’ve created a new paradigm for operationally managing NFV and SDN, empowering service providers to more effectively specify, test and deliver services across virtual, physical and IT domains,” said Koskella.

The four new UIs include DesignHub, OrderHub, LifecycleHub, and SystemHub.

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