The cross channel customer experience

01 Sep 2010

Consumers today expect companies with which they do business to interact with them through a growing number of channels. These channels — whilst still dominated by voice — increasingly include SMS (texting), e-mail, live chat, Web self-service, and social media. Many companies have already begun adopting these emerging channels to give customers choices that go beyond traditional phone interactions.

As consumers adopt the use of new communication channels, enterprises are adjusting their entire customer service strategies. The critical challenge is to transform the customer experience from a series of single, independent channels to multiple, integrated ones.

This Asia Pacific region-based survey is part of a series conducted by Genesys in partnership with key industry thought leaders, such as Datamonitor/Ovum.

This survey asked consumers which new communication channels they prefer to use when interacting with a company, and what they think enterprises should be doing across multiple channels to address the pace of change in customer service.

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