CSL plans to transform customer experience

Joseph Waring
23 Aug 2010

After making a huge investment to consolidate its infrastructure into a single, all-IP network, CSL is preparing for the next transformational step -- monetize the network and become a more customer-centric business.

CSL CEO Joseph O'Konek told Telecomasia.netthat just as if everyone had the same network performance and capacity, it's hard to differentiate yourself. “If we're not first to transform the customer experience in terms of business front-end systems, we'll have an investment that we won't be able to monetize.”

O'Konek, who replaced the former head Terek Robbiati three months ago, said the eTOM model and other OSS/BSS models are very well standardized. “But a lot people in and around the industry will profit by perpetuating those or by slightly modifying them.”

He said CSL is on a path to dramatically transform the customer experience just as it's done with its network. The transformation, he said, will take two to three years, but customers will start to see and feel a difference within six months.

“It's a strategic imperative, not just for us but for the industry, to realize that when it comes to the traditional back-office, front-office or customer experience you need to differentiate.

“As general [George] Patton said, 'if everyone's thinking alike, then someone's not thinking'.”

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