Data center services system

08 Apr 2010

The convergence of video, mobile services, and cloud technologies is impacting IP next-generation networks in unprecedented ways. Consumers now expect personalized video content on the medianet delivered when, where, and how they want it. Mobile devices are exploding in both number and capabilities, as are the applications that they access. And business customers now look to the “cloud” for functionality that they used to provide internally from their own data centers. The result is a significant shift in network traffic patterns and tremendous strains on providers’ networks.

Traffic no longer moves simply from the subscriber into the network and then out again. New and emerging services are causing substantial traffic betweendata centers within the network in addition to flows to and from the subscriber – multidirectional traffic. Network operators need to recognize and respond to these changing dynamics, and optimize their networks to best support these new traffic patterns.

This white paper outlines Cisco’s Data Center Services System (DCSS), which can help service providers address these needs. DCSS brings two main benefits:

  • It makes the network infrastructure more operationally effective
  • It allows providers to capitalize on new revenue opportunities

The paper describes how DCSS delivers a set of technologies that combines the strengths of both the next-generation IP network and the virtualized data center.

Initial DCSS technologies include:

  • The Network Positioning System (NPS)
  • Cloud VPNs (CVPNs)

These technologies and their benefits are described in the pages that follow.

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