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13 Jun 2013

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Optical fiber access technology is sweeping the world for its integrated advantages both for their technological and economic aspects. As the world’s economic growth engine, Asia-Pacific countries are witnessing unparalleled growth in the number of FTTH subscribers.

FiberHome, the unique telecommunication system supplier that offers both optical fiber and cable as well as optical communication equipment, has over 40 years of experience in optical cable industry and more than 20 years in xPON technology R&D. Currently, FiberHome products are serving more than 20 million subscribers (including China) in Asia Pacific with its FTTH integrated solution. In Asia Pacific, FiberHome is becoming the mainstream provider of FTTH one-stop solutions – FTTH equipment, ODN products and FTTH turnkey services.

ODN construction cost accounts for more than 70% of the overall FTTH network investment. The rationality of ODN network planning and design, the reliability of the products and engineering, the efficiency of network operation and maintenance, and the capability of network evolution have become the key criteria to evaluate whether the FTTH network investment is successful or not.

With many years of experience in the telecom industry and in FTTH network construction, FiberHome is able to provide a smart, flexible, efficient and evolvable FTTH network. This helps save CAPEX and OPEX and raise customer satisfaction.

FiberHome’s ODN solution covers all aspects of ODN deployment, including:

Professional services

ODN network planning and design are critical to determining the FTTH construction cost. Thanks to the experience of serving multimillion subscribers globally, FiberHome has mastered expertise in FTTH ODN survey, consultancy, network planning and design, and engineering. The company provides professional FTTH network planning and design service for end-users across Asia Pacific and the world.

Flexible, smart ODN solution

FiberHome can design and manufacture such ODN products as FTTH optical fibers, optical cables, optical passive components and optical wiring facilities. FiberHome can also provide specific end-to-end ODN solutions under various scenarios, including OSP and ISP for different kinds of end users. Because of the capability of manufacturing ODN products, the company can guarantee the top quality, cost advantage and fast delivery for its clients. It can provide fast customization service to meet different requirements as well.

The PLC splitter is the core component in FTTH application. FiberHome PLC splitter adopts to own patent with low insertion loss technology, and applied to the FTTH system since 2004, which was first done in China. With the advantages of low loss, high reliability and low cost, FiberHome cornered the biggest market share in the field.

The full series ODN products based on the pre-terminated technique and field-assemble technique, such as FTTH optical cable, ODF, FDH, NAP, fiber optical splice closure, fiber terminal box, field-mountable connector, bend-insensitive optical patch cord, have passed the most stringent test with industry standard. They also have proven to be functioning normally under extreme weather.

FiberHome’s 1x128 PLC splitter with low insertion loss applied in NG-PON system and Athermal AWG with low cost applied in WDM-PON system are the new ODN products for the next-generation PON. They provide the basis and guarantee for the smooth evolution of the PON technology.

Thanks to a strong telecom equipment R&D capability, FiberHome has developed the Smart ODN system based on the traditional ODN equipment, bidding farewell to dumb resources generation.

The Smart ODN system identifies each optic connectors and adapters in ODN network by electronic tags (eID) technology. It can manage fiber port resources intelligently, so that the ODN network can be managed as the same way to the PON system network. This feature leads to the advantage that it is possible to monitor and manage the whole network. Based on this function, the Smart ODN system can offer services including the opening of new user business, network topology management, fault location, network analysis, and construction guide.

ODN turnkey engineering service

FiberHome’s first-class engineering project management team can provide professional FTTH survey, network design and engineering services. The company offer speedy and efficient turnkey engineering service to over one million end users in nearly 10 countries other than China.

FiberHome’s leading technology and ample experience in ODN has made it a strategic partner for global telecom carriers.

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