Digital channels can improve home network customer care

24 May 2018
Daily News

Operators providing residential network services can reduce technical support calls by up to 30% by implementing digital channels for customer care, according to a new white paper by device management solutions provider Incognito Software systems and research firm Analysys Mason.

A study by the companies found that digital transformation of home network customer care can also reduce customer care call handle times by 25%, alleviate escalations to network operations staff by up to 35% and reduce truck rolls by 25%, potentially generating millions of dollars in savings.

The study found that more than 70% of technical issues in home network are related to home Wi-Fi challenges, router problems and device issues.

In addition, up to 80% of calls to customer care for technical support are escalated to network operations, with almost a third of these requiring a truck roll.

The white paper explores the challenges operators are facing in the highly competitive residential broadband access, and how direct access to automated operational processes for customer care and home users can address these challenges while improving the customer experience.

“[Operators] are well equipped to identify and resolve technical issues in the core and access networks. When it comes to the home network, they lack the visibility and tools to address issues and incur significantly high costs with manual customer care processes,” Analysys mason principal analyst Anil Rao said.

“While [operators] in emerging and developed markets are implementing large scale digital transformation projects over many years, this industry-first research quantifies the operational value of leveraging digital channels and zero touch provisioning today.”

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