Docomo adds China, Thailand to money transfer service

17 Dec 2018

Japan's NTT Docomo announced it will expand its Docomo Money Transfer international mobile remittance service to China and Thailand.

The mobile remittance service will now support transfers to 70 banks and financial institutions in China and 28 in Thailand for a flat 1,000 yen ($8.82) fee.

Docomo launched its mobile overseas remittance service in 2011 to allow Japanese mobile subscribers to send money to family or friends overseas, and vice versa.

The service now supports remittances to 52 countries and regions, including the UK, US, Canada, South Korea and Australia. It can be used via a web browser or iOS and Android app on a Docomo mobile device, during the hours of 6am to 3am Japanese standard time.

Users can deposit cash to the service from bank accounts for free via ATMs, banks or convenience stores, or via the Pay-easy service.

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