Docomo, Itochu Logistics test IoT for delivery-fleet management in US

25 Apr 2019
Daily News

Japan's NTT Docomo and Itochu Logistics are planning to trial an IoT solution for delivery fleet management in the US.

The solution uses devices compatible with low-power, wide-area LTE-M technology to track the status of outsourced trucks in their fleets.

The trial will begin in the United States on May 1, 2019.

According to the companies, the solution involves placing hand-held, battery- or solar-powered devices in trucks to collect data, such as truck locations and frequency of sudden braking, which will be sent through an LTE network to a dedicated website.

The solution can also provide temperature, humidity, brightness, etc. data depending on delivery needs, as well as notify customers via email when the trucks approach their destinations.Itochu Logistics USA expects to save time using the solution compared to the conventional method of manually phoning drivers to confirm their locations and estimated delivery times.

The solution will be tested for its effectiveness in supporting the management and safety of truck fleets at Itochu Logistics USA’s delivery-trick network and logistics system.

“While most delivery trucks are equipped with GPS devices, the location data typically is available to the owner but not to logistics/transport companies that retain the trucks on an outsourced basis,” the companies said.

“The solution's easily deployed LTE-M devices, however, will give logistics/transport companies dedicated access to location and other useful information about trucks operating temporarily in their fleets.”

The trial is part of the Globiot global-IoT initiative that Docomo launched on July 2, 2018.

The Japanese mobile giant said it expects the solution will be marketed widely throughout US, Japan, and Asia.

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