Dual-mode phones, femtocells to drive mobile broadband

10 Apr 2008

Dual-mode cellular/WiFi phones and femtocells will drive mobile broadband usage, according to analyst In-Stat.

According to In-Stat, successful growth in mobile broadband requires three components - users, infrastructure, and devices.

The device, which sits in the middle between the user and the network, is shaping how the other two components interact.

For example, femtocells, which extend coverage indoors or in confined areas, will create new service opportunities for carriers that could help new subscribers.

What is going on at the device level for 3G and Wimax plays a major role in the type of services consumers will see in the future, added In-Stat.

These two are the biggest device trends in the cellular industry today, according to In-Stat analyst Daryl Schoolar.

'These trends can change how operators sell both voice and data services,' said Schoolar.

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