Dubious supporter digs up Pacific Fibre

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
07 Nov 2012

Kim Dotcom, the infamous fellow behind Megaupload, wants to reboot the project and have his new ‘Mega’ company fund part of it.

Let me get this straight. He’s going to fund a transpacific cable from money he doesn’t have yet, make the business model work by giving away the bandwidth for free, and somehow manage to get the FCC to let it connect to a country that is still trying to extradite him.

This is publicity that the real New Zealand bandwidth people really didn’t need. On the other hand, we bloggers hope it has enough legs to take us through the slow holiday season! Maybe we can get Larry Flynt to chip in or something.

And remember the BRICS cable? Well the project may not have much in the way of logical legs to stand on, but it does have a website and a proposed map now. Yep, Vladivostok to Miami via the Cape of Good Hope.


It’s quite pretty, but you have to admit it would look even better if they connected the Siberian endpoint to PolarNet under the North Pole and brought that all the way back to Iceland with a direct connection back to Miami or something.

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