DX opens telcos to greater fraud threats says WeDo Technologies

23 Feb 2018
Daily News

Digital may bring new opportunities for telcos but with it are unwanted threats as well.

The rise of video and mobile content, and new networks and services such as 5G, IoT, and NFV, opens the door to new threats that operators need to urgently address and mitigate.

WeDo Technologies warned that fraudsters are increasing their pace in devising new ways to defraud telecom operators. This will only intensify as billions of IoT devices and massive amounts of data hit their networks.

WeDo Technologies chief strategy and marketing officer Bernardo Galvão Lucas warned that legacy fraud management systems will not have the scale, or the sophistication, required to detect abnormal trends and identify potential fraud activity in the 5G era.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies will be the cornerstone to enabling operators to detect fraud faster and more efficiently, as well as identify and target more complex risks. We are making significant investments on new capabilities, such as AI-powered adaptive thresholds and advanced case resolution, which will be critical to managing the multitude of risks that will be the new normal with 5G," he added.

In addition to these, WeDo also reiterated how cloud-based systems can help expedite the modernization of an operator's fraud management solution, naturally suggesting their WeDO RAID.Cloud offering as one solution operators may want to consider.

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