EMEA telco picks Procera Networks for analytics project

Staff writer
16 Jun 2016
Daily News

A tier one fixed-line operator in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region has engaged Procera Networks for a multi-million dollar analytics deployment.

The operator will gain a previously unseen view of network and subscriber performance, including encrypted traffic, and the ability to truly differentiate their broadband services against the competition based on a better understanding of subscriber usage.

The tier one operator is introducing a new big data system, powered by 60 units of Procera’s PacketLogic 9420 real-time policy enforcement and intelligence gathering platform deployed across the network.

Also, the operator signed up for 20 million subscriber licenses to complement its investment into Procera’s PacketLogic technology.

Together, this will ensure visibility of the consistent stream of real-time network usage data required to significantly improve the subscriber experience and gain the insights needed to better identify where the network is capable of outperforming other players.

Given the volume of data on modern mobile networks the emphasis for operators has shifted from quantity to quality of data, causing network and subscriber analytics to become a major driver in operator spending as a result.

Operators are increasingly choosing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions to provide these data feeds, not least because this technology is capable of keeping up with the rising amount of encrypted data on networks that can only be reliability identified using the latest application identification technology.

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