Ensuring one's M2M business pays off

Andreas Freund
09 Dec 2010

Operators can realize enormous business opportunities in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Up to now, this business has somehow been there, but has not been evolved as the average revenue is quite low. Taking into account that the number of M2M connections is as large as 50 billion – compared to about 6.5 billion subscribers – this market will be a huge revenue source in the future.

Orga Systems enables MNOs to realize outstanding service innovation or diversification, based on its real-time convergent charging and billing solutions. The way for operators to grow in the long run are machine-to-machine technology and the new service innovations associated with it.

In this context, the ability of billing systems to scale and reduce operational costs through automation will be crucial for success. With its next generation real-time based solution portfolio, Orga Systems gives MNOs the opportunity for outstanding service innovation or diversification.

M2M goes far beyond subscribers’ connected devices

Operators have to become part of the ecosystem that M2M is – consisting of connected machines, interacting with each other. Instead of being a bit pipe, MNOs have to become part of the ecosystem and thus be able earn money from M2M communication.

When it comes to issues like telematics for vehicles, track and trace services or smart metering, operators need to consolidate their billing systems and enable ubiquitous access to the network.

Without increasing their network costs, operators must be able to cope with increase of data services and earn money from this.

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