Ericsson boasts HSPA records

Michael Carroll
01 Feb 2011
Daily News

Ericsson is claiming three world firsts in HSPA development, after a series of demonstrations at its headquarters in Sweden yesterday.

The vendor demonstrated connection speeds of 168Mbps in the downlink and 24Mbps up using a prototype consumer device and commercial network equipment, claiming the speeds are a world record for the technology.

It also achieved speeds of 84Mbps in trial of dual-carrier HSPA that combined two 5MHz carriers to connect a single customer to double the maximum speeds offered by current commercial networks.

The firm rounded out its demonstrations, which were attended by SingTel executives, with a showcase of single-carrier HSPA on a commercial handset that offered speeds of 42Mbps. Ericsson claims this test shows how operators can use their radio spectrum more efficiently.

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