Ericsson, SoftBank tackle mobile congestion

Dylan Bushell-Embling
12 Aug 2014
Daily News

Ericsson and Japan's SoftBank have completed a demonstration involving combining mobility management and policy control to optimize radio resources in congested mobile network environments.

The companies have shown off Mobility-based Policy, a new software feature for Ericsson mobility management and policy controller systems.

The software creates a direct connection between the two systems to allow them to allocate resources and set policy decisions on a per-user and per-terminal basis.

SoftBank Mobile director of core mobile network planning Yoichi Funabiki said optimizing spectrum is critical to accommodate ongoing subscriber and data traffic growth.

“[This approach] has the potential to increase our network flexibility while reducing signaling traffic network-wide,” he said. “This efficiency drives additional opportunities to improve both the user experience and network performance.”

SoftBank uses Ericsson LTE RAN and EPC equipment, and Ericsson is supplying the end-to-end network infrastructure for SoftBank's VoLTE offering.

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