Europe gets kung fu clips

22 Oct 2008


Europe gets kung fu clips

Celestial Pictures has granted a license to AllTheContent to distribute a range of kung fu wallpapers, animated wallpapers, ring tones, video clips and sound bites to mobile users in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. The products are adapted from the Shaw Brothers Film Library which consists of 760 films produced from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Sybase plays up SMS banking service

Sybase 365 is featuring Sybase mBanking 365, which has an Intelligent SMS natural language capability, at Finovate 2008 in New York City. The service, which is already available in Australia, is smart enough to understand common misspellings, multi-part queries, slang, and synonyms, enabling even first-time mobile users to request information and services using their own words.


Textguard service blocks, filters text messages

Textguard has developed a new application dubbed "TextGuard" which allows users to block incoming text messages by simply entering a designated number on their phones, including Windows Mobile and Blackberry. TextGuard also helps businesses monitor employee phones and lets company administrators lock devices down, monitor messages, archive messages, and keep harmful mobile spyware off company phones.

MIA launches solution for mobile sites

MIA today launches the QuickSites mobile internet publishing toolkit that offers organizations and agencies a cost-effective solution to build sophisticated mobile internet solutions in-house. QuickSites enables users to quickly design and develop mobile sites using simple tools to deliver sophisticated functionality from existing design, creative and copy from traditional and online marketing.

GoldSpot Media Releases Cue Zones Solution for Mobile TV

GoldSpot Media has unveiled the Cue Zones support in miSpot, an end-to-end solution for interactive ad inventory and campaign management, dynamic spot creation, serving and analytics for mobile TV advertising. GoldSport said the Cue Zones solution enables the mobile TV value-chain with high-value interactive impressions to offset declining ARPU from pure subscription models.

AtlasCT releases location-based applications development

AtlasCT has released version 3.2 of AtlasMobile API which is designed for fast development of location-based applications in Java ME and is composed of three packages: maps, positioning and rich multimedia. AtlasMobile API is compatible with Java ME mobile phones and smartphones on 2G-3.5G, and runs on Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, LG and other devices.

Wapple offers website rendering for all devices

Wapple is offering the Wapple Canvas publishing platform and the latest Wapple Exhibit device profiler and delivery engine, which it claims as being "the only solution that ensures mobile websites are rendered accurately on every single device as soon as they are available." Wapple said the combination enables the development of highly functional mobile sites that provide an optimum look and feel regardless of the mobile device used.


Nokia, Spike Lee premiere user-made film

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