Experience centric managed services

29 Oct 2013

Managed services are evolving, and with them the model of business relationships that sustain them.

10 to 15 years ago, the managed services industry was driven primarily by cost-efficiency. With many operators facing cost pressures, they began to look for partners who could operate their networks more efficiently and in a more affordable way.

Now, with these cost-efficiencies in place, the role of managed services has changed. Operators are searching for further values and benefits. Today’s model is not only based on financial savings, but also on creating sustainable business differentiation. More than ever, operators are looking for new ways to stand out from the growing competition.

It all comes down to the customer experience. In its top 10 communications service provider trends for 2011-2012, Gartner identified customer experience as a key focus area. The experience-centric managed services model focuses on customer expectations and demands, aligning service delivery in accordance with these requirements.

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