FASTTAKES: Apple, Google, Qwest Communications, Opera, Ofta

FASTTAKES: Apple, Google, Qwest Communications, Opera, Ofta

Staff writer  |   May 03, 2010
China’s internet population has reached 404m,including 346m broadband users, according to Xinhua, quoting Wang Chen, the head of the State Council Information Office.
Apple will shut down the Lala online music service it bought just five months ago, sparking speculation that the firm plans to launch a new web-based version of iTunes, Reuters reported. 
Google has acquired 3D desktop manager Bumptop for an undisclosed sum.
Qwest Communications has been sued by shareholders seeking a better deal out of its planned $10 billion stock acquisition by CenturyTel Inc, Bloomberg reported. In a court filing, shareholders said the sale at a “relatively low current trading price” raised red flags about whether directors had maximized shareholder value.
Opera has bought Australian web-based email company mobile advertising company FastMail for an undisclosed sum. Opera said the acquisition would enable it to deliver cross-platform messaging to a wide range of devices, including computers, mobile phones, TVs and gaming consoles.
Apple has begun selling the 3G iPad in the US, priced at $499.
Ofta has set up a website to help cable companies wanting to land in Hong Kong.
Staff writer

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