FASTTAKES: Google, Apple, Softbank Mobile, ARM, Cisco, HTC


FASTTAKES: Google, Apple, Softbank Mobile, ARM, Cisco, HTC

Staff writer  |   June 08, 2010
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has written to Google asking whether it had collected data over unsecured Wi-Fi networks without the owners' permission, said Reuters.
iPad users have so far downloaded over 35 million apps, of which there are 8,500 apps to choose from, says Apple chief Steve Jobs. iBooks downloads number 5m.

Softbank Mobile gained more than 200,000 new subscribers for the second month in a row in May, helped by iPad sales which begun May 28, said Nikkei. 
Tudor Brown, president of iPad chip provider ARM, says it “too early” to make a call on the success of tablet PCs, the FT reports.
Apple has won permission from Cisco, which sells the IOS router, to name its latest iPhone operating system iOS 4, said Engadget.

Taiwan vendor HTC has acquired French global mobile software firm Abaxia for a reported $13m. 
Telstra has unveiled a social networking service, Tribe, that combines Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in a single location. Telstra said the number of 3G customers using Facebook has increased 390% since April 2009. 
Alcatel-Lucent has appointed Robin Dargue executive vice president of business and IT transformation, effective July 21.
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