FASTTAKES: Google, Bridge Alliance, Microsoft, NSN, IBM

FASTTAKES: Google, Bridge Alliance, Microsoft, NSN, IBM

Staff writer  |   November 02, 2010
Google is suing the US Department of Interior, alleging it has been unfairly excluded from bidding on an email and collaboration technology contract.
Mobile alliance Bridge Alliance has launched a daily flat-rate data roaming package across Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore - through AIS, CSL and SingTel - with eight more markets to be added later.
Ministry of Commerce Vice-Minister Chen Jian said China would not “significantly” cut its rare-earth export quotas for 2011, reported. China accounts for 97% of global production of rare earths, which are used in electronic devices and precision instruments.
Microsoft will invest 180b-200b roubles ($5.8b-$6.5b) on a new software development center in Russia’s tech district on the outskirts of Moscow.
NSN claims new functionality for GSM networks released yesterday enables operators to manage up to four times more mobile phones than current networks.
Security company Fortinet has denied reports it is in talks over a buyout by IBM.
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