FASTTAKES: Google, Ofta, Optus, Crown Fibre, TOT, HGC

FASTTAKES: Google, Ofta, Optus, Crown Fibre, TOT, HGC

Staff writer  |   December 15, 2010
Worldwide service provider capex declined 5.3% in 2009, and is on track to decline another 3% in 2010, says Infonetics. After bottoming out at $289b this year, it expects capex will rise over the next four years, peaking at $321 billion in 2014 before growth slows again.
Google is likely to either abandon Chrome OS or merge it with Android next year, former Google employee and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit has predicted.
China will raise export taxes on rare earths in 2011, citing environmental concerns. Some mineral producers have already flagged that they will reduce exports next year in response.
Hong Kong’s Ofta has invited expressions of interest in the sale of 90 MHz of broadband wireless spectrum in the 2.3 GHz band.
Australia's Optus filed a lawsuit accusing rival Vodafone Australia of misleading potential customers with advertising on its new Infinite range of mobile plans.
Apple, Yahoo, Google and other tech firms have been granted a temporary reprieve in a patent infringement case from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. But a US district court left the door open for a fresh suit with more specific information, Bloomberg reports.
New Zealand's Crown Fibre has laid the first line under the nation's Ultrafast Broadband network project.
Thailand's TOT is now selling bid documents for its nearly 20b baht ($665.8m) 3G network expansion project.
Hong Kong fixed-line telco HGC will deploy Microsoft virtualization and other solutions in its data centers. It has signed an MoU with Microsoft on delivering cloud computing to local SMEs, schools and NGOs, the company announced Tuesday.
The Libero, an Android smartphone jointly developed by SoftBank and ZTE, will debut in Japan in late December, ZTE says.
HKBN has partnered  with Yahoo Hong Kong to launch online video news content service bbTV.
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