FASTTAKES: Nokia, Huawei, Apple, BSNL, Gartner, Maxis


FASTTAKES: Nokia, Huawei, Apple, BSNL, Gartner, Maxis

Staff writer  |   June 23, 2010
Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has cut its outlook on Nokia from “stable” to “negative,” a week after the handset-maker lowered its quarterly forecast
The China Development Bank (CDB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a $100m vendor loan to help Axiata Bangladesh buy Huawei equipment.
Apple says it has sold 3m iPads in the 80 days since launch.
Government-owned BSNL has failed to pay its 2.3GHz spectrum license fee by yesterday’s deadline, said Business Standard.
Bangladesh’s six mobile operators are mulling a law suit to block the country’s proposed controversial amendments to the telecoms law, said the Daily Star.  Operators say they have no right to appeal regulatory decisions under the changes. 
Worldwide cloud services revenue will reach $68.3b this year, up 16.6% from 2009, says Gartner.
Malaysian cellco Maxis has launched mobile ad service myDeals, which it claims is Asia’s “first permission-based mobile advertising” service.
Mobile banking users will exceed 400 million globally by 2013, according to Juniper Research. This equates to double the number of users this year.
Malaysian cellco Maxis has launched a mobile ad service, myDeals, which it claims is Asia’s first permission-based mobile advertising service.
Shipments by China-based handset makers are projected to reach 380m units in 2010, of which 131m will be sold ZTE, Huawei and TCL, says Digitimes Research.
Reliance Industries is in preliminary talks to market MTNL’s 3G services in Mumbai and Delhi on a franchise basis, said Business Standard.

Staff writer

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